I can’t quite believe where the start of the year has gone, I look round its March and its time for another Testbash conference!

This year my TestBash experience promises to just as good as the previous three, albeit a little fragmented as I’m down in Brighton for Collaborative Exploratory and Unit Testing with Maaret Pyhäjärvi & Llewellyn Falco on Wednesday, back to work Thursday and back in Brighton for the main conference on the Friday.  Although i am hoping to make to the meetups on those three days!!

As I mentioned in my previous blog TestBash Time this conference  is particularly special to me as it provided me with a bit of a springboard to to re-focus my interest and enthusiasm for testing and also meet some great testers.

And now for something a little different….

This year I intend to do a couple of things I’ve never done before!!.  Firstly I’m planning to get along to the lean coffee session first thing and have decided to take the plunge and present a 99 second talk. The first should be really good but no prizes for guessing the second feels a little more daunting.

I’ve never considered myself to be a natural public speaker so I am rather nervous about it if I’m honest.  In the past I’ve never found the confidence to do it and I somehow ended up regretting I didn’t at least give it a go.  So this year it’s time to put the doubts aside and just do it!!  I’ll let you know how I got on…..


So there we are it’s time for TestBash and I am very much looking forward to it 🙂

See you in Brighton!


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